Space Vampire

Space Vampire

A futuristic vampire orbiting outside our atmosphere using modern methods to suck your bluud. Many hours were spent in Photoshop.

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Rejected Robots: Mobile Sniper Unit. Unreal 4 Engine.

Its been hard word to create these images of this awesome robot. I can say that because I didn’t design it myself. This model is fanart made by myself of a robot design done by my very talented friend and former colleague Robin Keijzer. It’s from his series of designs named “Rejected Robots”, and this one is named the “Mobile Sniper Unit”.

I sculpted the model from scratch in Zbrush (no prior lowpoly geometry as foundation), traced the lowpoly geometry in 3ds-Max and then handpainted the lowpoly model in Coat-3d. I then brought it into the Unreal 4 engine to create these images. I also handpainted the environmental assets in Coat-3d. It’s a nice tool for creating this painterly style.

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Bust of Ludwig II of Bavaria, “The Mad Monarch” in Unreal 4 Engine.

This is a bust of Ludwig the second of Bavaria, also known as “The Mad Monarch” (or the Swan King, if you’re feeling fancy). He ruled Bavaria from 1864 until his mysterious death (possibly probably murder) in 1886. Everything about him was mysterious really, he built multiple grandiose castles and sought refuge in excessive opulence. His castles were filled with ridiculous amounts of invaluable art and had secret rooms and fake caverns on which he would float on a swan-shaped boat. He avoided the public eye and even his servants, having built an elevator for his dinner table to be raised and lowered through the floor down to the kitchens below. Basically he was a crazy hermit, with unlimited resources.

Last year, I went on holiday in Germany and went to visit what is certainly Ludwigs most famous castle, Neuschwanstein. The castle was quite impressive although waiting in line for four hours wasn’t as fun. The man left an impression though and when I was thinking of sculpting a bust in Zbrush for practise, it didn’t take long for me to pick Ludwig as an ideal subject.

Finally the technicals: I sculpted the bust in Zbrush, made the LowPoly Mesh in 3ds-Max, textured the model in Substance Designer and created this showcase scene in the new Unreal 4 engine. The mesh is intended to have a high fidelity look and is just south of 5000 triangles. That might seem a bit excessive but it’s a conscious decision as it was required to support a detailed silhouette.

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Illustration: Vegvisir

Click arrow for full-size.

This handsome lass is a reproduction of a photograph I found somewhere on the interwebs (do a google image search for “Levee Suicide Girls” if you’re curious… NSFW though!). The original image has very different colors and the girl has different tattoos and less clothing so it ended up looking rather different.

You might recognize the tattoo on her upper arm. The symbol is an Icelandic magic stave-rune known as the Vegvisir, otherwise known as the viking compass. It supposedly gives the wearer the power to always find the way in rough weather. Also Bjork.

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Strange things happen when you watch Sharknado and Pacific Rim within a week of Discovery Sharkweek. I do believe I have gotten the sharkiness out of my system now.

This rude dude was created in a couple of days using exclusively Zbrush with a light touch of Photoshop.
The lighting was achieved mostly by utilizing Zbrush’ MatCap system.

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Samurai Mask

Scroll to zoom.

This samurai mask and helmet are created entirely in Zbrush. The images are composed in Photoshop from a number of layers all rendered from Zbrush, as demonstrated below…

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Inca Death Priestess New comps

I created a couple of new compositions for one of my older models, the Inca Death Priestess as part of improving the main page. I still really like the beauty poster but I felt like I should replace the other schematic images with something more “authored”. Between these and the original poster this should give a great impression of the model.

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Alien Hunter

Alien doodle

A member of the sentient alien race named Quencha, a primitive but cunning and dangerous race of hunters. Their sense of sight, sound and smell is underdeveloped and despite having evolved an extra set of eyes they are practically blind. One should however not underestimate the Quencha as they have evolved a sonar-like ability picked up by the hypersensitive tendrils at the side of its head. This “silent sonar” is impressive enough but they also have a unique precognitive ability which allows them to gaze into the future up to 2 or 3 seconds away allowing them to perfectly lead their targets when throwing spears or firing projectiles. Hand to hand melee combat with these otherworldly ninjas is also highly discouraged. They have not been spotted in many decades but people often disappear in the region where they are believed to live.

This little dude is a quick Zbrush doodle I recently did. It took me about 10 hours and was made entirely from scratch in Zbrush. The silly story evolved along with the sculpt which makes it extra fun but also more engaging.

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The watchbreaker


The watchbreaker (i wont apologize for that pun) is a fishlike apparition that will visit in the depth of night to ruin any valuable mechanical heirloom such as pocket watches by meticulously and carefully disassembling and breaking them to make it seem like a century of erosion and weathering took place overnight.

Just a quick illustration, took me something like 6 hours in Photoshop. I’m having tons of fun just stumbling into photoshop, blotting down some rough shapes and coercing these into a finished image. It’s like a personal journey of discovery as I had no idea what this would turn into until being about halfway. I know it’s not a smart or recommendable way of working as it’s almost a stream of consciousness type of approach, like doodling while on the phone, but it’s too much fun to want to work smarter :-) I realize things like framing, composition and perspective suffer with this approach so i’ll try to be just slightly more thoughtful about these in the future.

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Outlook post


On a distant volcanic moon nothing remains but toxic fumes and abandoned structures of advanced civilizations past.

About 10 hours of wagglin’ my wacomin’ arm in the photoshops. First time I ever attempted to draw a sci-fi landscape. It was a lot of fun so I’ll probably do more of these!

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