Furniture models

A few Furniture models made for Brandspanking Media Development. These are untextured SubDiv models, all modeled within 5 days based on provided reference. The visualizations above are made using 3dsMax and Vray.

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Project-X 3d models: Miscellaneous objects

underground powergenerator icons
Todays Project-X models aren’t the prettiest or most impressive but still worthy of a quick viewing! These are dino bones, some magmatic stalagmites, a generator and a whole bunch of icons to represent different resources and materials which can be found in the game.

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Project-X models: Laboratory set

labequipment_1 labequipment_2

Todays Project-X models are a set of models to decorate a laboratory environment.

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Project-X models: foliage

caveplants waterplants

Todays Project-X models are two-fold: the first image shows moss, vines, crystals and a very mysterious tree. I made tons of variations for these but these give the gist of the range of colors and shapes. On the right some underwater plants, coral and anemones.

By this point i’ve started to combine some of the lower-profile 3d models into single images. What does this mean for me, you might ask. Well, this means you still get to enjoy my 3d models but in a super-duper (califragilisticexpialidocious) efficient modern way. Multiple models at once! At this point I will consider your mind thoroughly blown.

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Project-X models: Swords, Tools and a ghost!

These models are keeping it a bit more simple so I’m combining them into a single post.

swords apparition tools
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Project-X Weapon model: Toxic Bio-Gun


Todays Project-X model is the Toxic Bio-Gun!
Now read the following in an old-timey advertisement voice: “Whether they be no-dogooders or your lovely sweetheart, the Toxic Bio-Gun Will make anyone melt for you! The Toxic Bio-Gun, for that heart melting touch!”

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Project-X weapon model: Crossbow


Todays Project-X model is the crossbow!

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Project-X character model: Witchdoctor


One of my personal favorite Project-X characters is the Witchdoctor, or Voodoo Priest, Shaman… or whatever you want to call him. He will dance deep into the night, chanting curses and appealing to what we can only hope are superstitions.

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Project-X 3d model: Grenadelauncher


Todays Project-X model is the grenadelauncher. Great for nadelobbin’ yer baddies!

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Project-X character model: The Bloater


Time for another Project-X character model, the Bloater. This lovely creature can generally be found in rotting swamps. If you look carefully you can occasionally see his piercing eyes pop up in between the mangrove roots, breaking the surface-tension of the gloop. Lying, waiting, derping.

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Greetings, dear visitor!

I'm Jeroen, a 3d modeler and videogame artist from the Netherlands. I enjoy playing games but I looove to help create them. I'm pretty good at texturing, illustrating, concepting, working with game-engines, particle systems, physics simulations, rigging, skinning, animating and lots more but I'm most in my element when 3d modeling!

I'm available for freelance work too!
contact: jeroen [at]