Rejected Robots: Mobile Sniper Unit. Unreal 4 Engine.

Its been hard word to create these images of this awesome robot. I can say that because I didn’t design it myself. This model is fanart made by myself of a robot design done by my very talented friend and former colleague Robin Keijzer. It’s from his series of designs named “Rejected Robots”, and this one is named the “Mobile Sniper Unit”.

I sculpted the model from scratch in Zbrush (no prior lowpoly geometry as foundation), traced the lowpoly geometry in 3ds-Max and then handpainted the lowpoly model in Coat-3d. I then brought it into the Unreal 4 engine to create these images. I also handpainted the environmental assets in Coat-3d. It’s a nice tool for creating this painterly style.

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Project-X model: Assembly Machine

Assembly Machine

I’m a little late with this one, I had actually forgotten about it but recently ran into the model during a folder cleanup. It’s one of Project-X machines, intended to assemble tools and weapons.

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Project-X character: Hero in combat armor

Behold! The final tier of armor made for the heroin of Project-X.

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Kinect StarWars models

Rancor Theed Statue Low-poly:

Rancor Theed Statue High-poly Zbrush sculpt:

Sporeplant Low-poly:

Sporeplant High-Poly Zbrush sculpt:

Late 2011 I did a freelance job, creating a couple of cool models for StarWars Kinect. I just now got the “go-ahead” to show them off. A bit late but I have myself to thank for that, I was reminded of these models a couple of weeks ago and hadn’t requested permission until then. But here we are now, with a weird-ass space tree and statue.

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Project-X character: Hero in assault armor

The second to last tier of armor for the hero of Project-X is the assault suit.
Made of the lightest yet near impenetrable materials it is ideal to turn any combat situation to your advantage. From Blammo!

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Project-X character: Hero in heavy armor

It’s been a little while since I showed a Project-X model and I have just a couple more to show off so lets get it over with. Here is another one of the hero’s suits, the heavy armor.

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Project-X character: Hero in leather armor

Todays Project-X model is the leather suit, the next tier in the range of armors the main character can use.

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Project-X character: the Hero

It’s been a long time coming, but she’s finally here… Project-X’s hero character better known as THE PROTAGONIST!

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Project-X models: Swords, Tools and a ghost!

These models are keeping it a bit more simple so I’m combining them into a single post.

swords apparition tools
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Project-X character: The dead serpent


Todays Project-X character is the Giant dead serpent!

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