Space Vampire

Space Vampire

A futuristic vampire orbiting outside our atmosphere using modern methods to suck your bluud. Many hours were spent in Photoshop.

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Illustration: Vegvisir

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This handsome lass is a reproduction of a photograph I found somewhere on the interwebs (do a google image search for “Levee Suicide Girls” if you’re curious… NSFW though!). The original image has very different colors and the girl has different tattoos and less clothing so it ended up looking rather different.

You might recognize the tattoo on her upper arm. The symbol is an Icelandic magic stave-rune known as the Vegvisir, otherwise known as the viking compass. It supposedly gives the wearer the power to always find the way in rough weather. Also Bjork.

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Conceptart for a game called “Project-X”.


Hiyo! So apart from a few recent updates it’s been a bit silent on my page for the past year and a bit. That doesn’t mean i’ve stopped working though. I was actually working quite hard on a game called Project-X among other things. My role for the project was as a true game art generalist . I worked on concept art, particles, 3d models, rigging and lots of other stuff too! I’m just posting the concepts right now, particles and 3d models will soon follow! The concepts are pretty cool I think although they were very utilitarian in the way they were set up as they’re only intended as a guide for the modeler.
I was that modeler, surprise surprise, so you can imagine the emphasis was not beauty or accuracy, but rather an exploratory and guiding purpose. Regardless, my professional focus is 3d modeling so i’m quite glad with the results!

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The watchbreaker


The watchbreaker (i wont apologize for that pun) is a fishlike apparition that will visit in the depth of night to ruin any valuable mechanical heirloom such as pocket watches by meticulously and carefully disassembling and breaking them to make it seem like a century of erosion and weathering took place overnight.

Just a quick illustration, took me something like 6 hours in Photoshop. I’m having tons of fun just stumbling into photoshop, blotting down some rough shapes and coercing these into a finished image. It’s like a personal journey of discovery as I had no idea what this would turn into until being about halfway. I know it’s not a smart or recommendable way of working as it’s almost a stream of consciousness type of approach, like doodling while on the phone, but it’s too much fun to want to work smarter :-) I realize things like framing, composition and perspective suffer with this approach so i’ll try to be just slightly more thoughtful about these in the future.

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Outlook post


On a distant volcanic moon nothing remains but toxic fumes and abandoned structures of advanced civilizations past.

About 10 hours of wagglin’ my wacomin’ arm in the photoshops. First time I ever attempted to draw a sci-fi landscape. It was a lot of fun so I’ll probably do more of these!

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Turtle Tank

Turtle Tank

The latest update in my Turtle-Tank project, I’m now ready to start modeling and then sculpting. Eventually this should become a character usable in the Unreal 3 Engine.

The drawn pose of the Turtle-Tank would be it’s Siege Mode. The cannon is able to retract inside the shield¬†after which¬†the scales should close making the Turtle more mobile.

This Character is somewhat inspired by the terrific character work of Keith Thompson

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A dragon


image (opens in new window)

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New illustration


I just finished this illustration: a cute little elf lighting a candle. Not a whole lot of thought went into it. I just sat down, started, and some time later this was the result. I didn’t stop to think about composition, perspective, lighting, originality or theme. For me it was just an exercise in having fun with painting, sometimes the fun gets lost when focusing too much on technicalities.

Hit the thumb for a larger view or this link for the full size image.

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Turtle heads Turtle concept

These images are part of an ongoing personal project. In the end it should result in a giant turtle in bodyarmor as some kind of sci-fi turtle tank from space.

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Some more old illustrations

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