Project-X model: Assembly Machine

Assembly Machine

I’m a little late with this one, I had actually forgotten about it but recently ran into the model during a folder cleanup. It’s one of Project-X machines, intended to assemble tools and weapons.

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Project-X character: Hero in combat armor

Behold! The final tier of armor made for the heroin of Project-X.

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Kinect StarWars models

Rancor Theed Statue Low-poly:

Rancor Theed Statue High-poly Zbrush sculpt:

Sporeplant Low-poly:

Sporeplant High-Poly Zbrush sculpt:

Late 2011 I did a freelance job, creating a couple of cool models for StarWars Kinect. I just now got the “go-ahead” to show them off. A bit late but I have myself to thank for that, I was reminded of these models a couple of weeks ago and hadn’t requested permission until then. But here we are now, with a weird-ass space tree and statue.

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Project-X character: Hero in assault armor

The second to last tier of armor for the hero of Project-X is the assault suit.
Made of the lightest yet near impenetrable materials it is ideal to turn any combat situation to your advantage. From Blammo!

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Project-X character: Hero in heavy armor

It’s been a little while since I showed a Project-X model and I have just a couple more to show off so lets get it over with. Here is another one of the hero’s suits, the heavy armor.

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Project-X 3d models: Miscellaneous objects

underground powergenerator icons
Todays Project-X models aren’t the prettiest or most impressive but still worthy of a quick viewing! These are dino bones, some magmatic stalagmites, a generator and a whole bunch of icons to represent different resources and materials which can be found in the game.

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Project-X character: Hero in leather armor

Todays Project-X model is the leather suit, the next tier in the range of armors the main character can use.

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Project-X models: Laboratory set

labequipment_1 labequipment_2

Todays Project-X models are a set of models to decorate a laboratory environment.

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Project-X 3d model: A crashed spaceship


Todays Project-X model is a crashed spaceship. Spot the skeleton!

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Project-X character: the Hero

It’s been a long time coming, but she’s finally here… Project-X’s hero character better known as THE PROTAGONIST!

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