Fairytale Fights 3d models showcase

Here it is then, my little showcase film to show of some of the cooler models I did for Fairytale Fights. I think it turned out pretty well so please take a look. The movie is 720p HD so you could check it out in full screen.

This was the first time I really tried to make a map in U3 and it was good fun. It took me quite some time to create the movie as I bumped into a lot a technical issues but I managed to figure everything out in the end.
I can’t take full credit for everything you see in the movie. To really complete the clips I did have to take some content like particle effects, music and some animations that I didn’t make myself. Everything you see is from Fairytale Fights though.

I was involved with all of the models in the movie. I can’t take credit for the designs, it’s all made from concept drawings. Most 3d models were made by myself although some were done by either the outsourcing studio who did 3d content for our game and others by 3d artists in the team I coordinated. In those cases I did often perform some optimizing or polishing tweaks or was otherwise closely involved by giving advice and guidance.  An example is the Snowqueen character which is shown in the movie. Most of the modeling was done by Lorenzo Bahadur who did an excellent job. I just helped out with technical issues and making sure the model closely matched the concept, which was especially tricky for this character.

Anyhow, I hope you liked the video. I certainly enjoyed making it as well as the models themselves.

And to close with, here are some stills from the video:

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Fairytale Fights Prototype Map: Mineshaft

The video above shows “Mineshaft”, a map for Fairytale Fights for which I made most of the 3d models. The map wasn’t in the game however and never will be, it was made as a test. It was made by just me, two colleagues and an intern within a single month. The movie is 720p HD, so please watch it in full screen.

Puzzlemachine We were assigned to create a small map to try and improve workflow and dependencies. It was made by Marco Fritsche (Level decoration), Rob van der Sloot (level design) and an intern: Freek Hoekstra (level design, modeling) with some additional modeling help from Chris McEntee. It was all done within a single month so the map obviously has some rough edges as we didn’t have any time to polish anything. We didn’t get to put much time into the level design either as we had to start creating the thing pretty much right away. Other things such as animation, special FX, sound effects, music or anything else really, weren’t really flushed out. However! Despite the very limited time frame and manpower, I still feel we created something pretty impressive. If you’re familiar with Fairytale Fights, you might notice that it looks quite different from the original game. The reason for this is because we didn’t get any art direction so I guess this is what the game would’ve looked like if it we’re up to just the modelers and level decorators. Personally I really like this look as it seems a bit more atmospheric and less over-saturated.
For this map, I made most of the visible assets, level geometry, textures and shaders. I also argued a lot with Marco about the lighting, all in good fun though.

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Portfolio map

Portfolio map

The image above is a screenshot of a small Unreal 3 map I’ve been building in the past days. I will use it to showcase models I made, or was responsible for, during development of Fairytale Fights. The map is entirely made out of objects created by myself and the team of 3d modelers I was coordinating.

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PLGF Fairytale Fights leader movie

Together with with Frank Post, Robin Keijzer (concept) and Jonathan vd Wijngaarden (audio), I created a leader movie for Playlogic’s game Fairytale Fights. I did all the modeling, texturing, rigging and rendering. Frank did the animations and editing.

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Siege Carts

These were made for Playlogics game Fairytale Fights.

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Snowqueen for Fairytale Fights.

Yes, her dress is a layer cake with chocolate topping, but that wasn’t my call. I would personally have liked to design her more like my initial concept (first pic).  Not that it mattered… She was part of a level that ended up being cancelled so she didn’t make it into the game :-(

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The tombstones shown above were all made for Fairytale Fights, although these are not the versions that made it into the game. These were made in 2007, a lot of style changes were made in the next year. I still like these old versions though.

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