Conceptart for a game called “Project-X”.


Hiyo! So apart from a few recent updates it’s been a bit silent on my page for the past year and a bit. That doesn’t mean i’ve stopped working though. I was actually working quite hard on a game called Project-X among other things. My role for the project was as a true game art generalist . I worked on concept art, particles, 3d models, rigging and lots of other stuff too! I’m just posting the concepts right now, particles and 3d models will soon follow! The concepts are pretty cool I think although they were very utilitarian in the way they were set up as they’re only intended as a guide for the modeler.
I was that modeler, surprise surprise, so you can imagine the emphasis was not beauty or accuracy, but rather an exploratory and guiding purpose. Regardless, my professional focus is 3d modeling so i’m quite glad with the results!

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Snowqueen for Fairytale Fights.

Yes, her dress is a layer cake with chocolate topping, but that wasn’t my call. I would personally have liked to design her more like my initial concept (first pic).  Not that it mattered… She was part of a level that ended up being cancelled so she didn’t make it into the game :-(

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Greetings, dear visitor!

I'm Jeroen, a 3d modeler and videogame artist from the Netherlands. I enjoy playing games but I looove to help create them. I'm pretty good at texturing, illustrating, concepting, working with game-engines, particle systems, physics simulations, rigging, skinning, animating and lots more but I'm most in my element when 3d modeling!

I'm available for freelance work too!
contact: jeroen [at]