Furniture models

A few Furniture models made for Brandspanking Media Development. These are untextured SubDiv models, all modeled within 5 days based on provided reference. The visualizations above are made using 3dsMax and Vray.

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Kinect StarWars models

Rancor Theed Statue Low-poly:

Rancor Theed Statue High-poly Zbrush sculpt:

Sporeplant Low-poly:

Sporeplant High-Poly Zbrush sculpt:

Late 2011 I did a freelance job, creating a couple of cool models for StarWars Kinect. I just now got the “go-ahead” to show them off. A bit late but I have myself to thank for that, I was reminded of these models a couple of weeks ago and hadn’t requested permission until then. But here we are now, with a weird-ass space tree and statue.

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Realistic (kinda) low poly (sorta) canyon road (definitely)!

canyon road
I created this as a testcase for a job interview. After submission and a very optimistic initial reception, I didn’t get the job. I guess they found someone cheaper. Heyo! At least, I hope that was the case, perhaps someone else did come along and deliver a better result. My result is pretty good for the time given but obviously not perfect.
The scene was created in 3dsMax with lighting and rendering using Mental Ray, Zbrush for the rocks and Photoshop for the textures and final composite. The textures we’re all made by myself as well. I spent a grand total of 5 days to complete the scene.

Below is the reference photograph I was asked to replicate as well as a wireframe overlay.

canyon road reference photo canyon road wireframe

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Shop interior design

Some older work, I made these about a year ago as a testcase assignment to apply for a job. I hadn’t posted these earlier because they were somewhat of a frustrating memory for me. The company requested me to do a testcase scenario, these renders are the result of that. They asked me to model and render the interior of a modern shop. They provided an empty room model for me to go crazy with.

The frustrating part is that they were very happy with the results and offered me a job, except that they couldn’t pay me a salary for quite some months because they were a starting company and instead offered me share-options or some such. I felt rather cheated and thought I had wasted two weeks working on this testcase. I declined and and banned all of it from memory and didn’t even consider these renders for my portfolio. That is, until I was cleaning up some stuff a few days ago and ran into them again. I felt they still held up pretty well so I decided to post them after all.

It’s the first time I ever made something resembling architectural modeling. Aside from it looking maybe a little too much like a space age hypershop, I like the result.¬†All of it was made in 3dsMax by my own design, and like I mentioned before, it took me about 2 weeks.

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Cute little bird Promo

Time for something different! A cute little birdie :-) If you want to have a better look at the model, click the “HD” button in the player, follow the link to and play it in full-screen over there.

This is a small promotional video (no sound) I made for a project i’m working on along with some other folks. The bird character was designed and modelled by me. The animations are as well but don’t pay too much attention to those. Like I mentioned many times before, animating isn’t as much a passion of me as modelling is. I don’t even really enjoy doing it, I just hope that doesn’t show too well in the animations.

Anyhow, this is intended to give an impression of the mechanics of a simple game we’re making. Basically you’re supposed to throw a breadcrumb and the bird follows it and eats it. Thats it :-) So yeah, it’s not really a game, more of a simple interaction.

The exiting part however, is that this is being created in Alternativa 3d, a 3d engine for flash with support for hardware rendering. It’s just going to be a simple interactive demonstration but in real-time 3d in your browser. With it, we will hopefully be able to convince potential customers to let us create cool real-time 3d interactive features for them.

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