Project-X artwork

This page displays much of the artwork I have done for a videogame, which shall remain unnamed. I worked on a variety of different content for the game such as concept art, 3d models, tiling textures and even particle effects. The game is a side-scrolling 2d platformer but contains pre-rendered 3d models for the enemies and environment and a real-time 3d model for the player character.

Enemy characters:

The Imps.

The Mutt.

The Voodoo Priest.

Feral Wolves.

The Bloater.




Dark Jelly.

Player Character.

This stories hero is a tough yet sensitive woman struggling to survive in a hostile environment (stop me if you heard this before). To adept she builds increasingly tougher yet lighter and more mobile armors.

The basic jumpsuit.

The first tier of armor that also illuminates the surrounding area.

A thicker more protective armor which also weighs more.

The first tier of modern alloys, allowing for great protection while still flexible and light-weight.

The ultimate combat armor.

The Boss Characters

The Brute.

The Serpent.


Whether digging for precious metals, cutting down a tree or bludgeoning your foes, a good tool makes all the difference!

These are your basic survival tools.

Swords, sans sorcery.

The humble pistol.

The Crossbow.

The Assaultrifle.

The Grenadelauncher.

The Bio Gun.

The Jetpack, for those hard to reach spots.


These are floating platforms that follow the player to aid in carrying your precious stuff (also junk and things).

Tier 1 sled.

Tier 1 sled alternate view.

Tier 2 sled.


This is some of the artwork used to decorate the environment.

The Assembly machine, used to create tools and weapons.
Assembly Machine

After the calamity, all radiocontact was broken and many spaceships lost control and crashed into the earth.

Caves offer interesting new flora and fauna.

While deeper, conditions are barren.

Though deep under the sea, life yet flourishes.

Electricity comes mostly from fuel burning generators.

Hidden Laboratories are still mysteriously well kept and powered.

And offer a wide range of intriguing tools and machinery.

Throughout the world, the hero finds many fascinating materials and artifacts.


Below are some of the concepts I drew before starting on the models. I rather enjoy drawing although these concepts are very utilitarian in nature. I still feel they are important to show as I think it’s a nice way to show the conception and progression of my 3d models.


Tiling Textures:

These are hand-drawn seamlessly tiling textures, which is kinda neat right? Sorry for the watermarks though…

Particle effects:

Lastly, though arguably not leastly… the particle effects made by yours truly. Now indulge me while I go on a quick rant…These effects were made in Torque2d, the engine used for the game. I mention this as the engine proved a handicap to my particle making abilities. I’m fairly green when it comes to particles and Torque2d offers fairly poor Particle creation software so I ask you to appreciate the following before venturing into the gallery below…
These effects were made by a particle newbie in a not-so-great piece of software and I still think they came out pretty neat!
Haha, yeah the software had me yelling in frustration at times, but the results are interesting. The effects are all 2d and most of the sprites are hand-drawn.

Please open the thumbnails to get a larger view at a higher framerate, thanks!


Greetings, dear visitor!

I'm Jeroen Backx, a 3d artist with a focus on videogames. I am currently the art director at Sticky Studios in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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