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Alien doodle

A member of the sentient alien race named Quencha, a primitive but cunning and dangerous race of hunters. Their sense of sight, sound and smell is underdeveloped and despite having evolved an extra set of eyes they are practically blind. One should however not underestimate the Quencha as they have evolved a sonar-like ability picked up by the hypersensitive tendrils at the side of its head. This “silent sonar” is impressive enough but they also have a unique precognitive ability which allows them to gaze into the future up to 2 or 3 seconds away allowing them to perfectly lead their targets when throwing spears or firing projectiles. Hand to hand melee combat with these otherworldly ninjas is also highly discouraged. They have not been spotted in many decades but people often disappear in the region where they are believed to live.

This little dude is a quick Zbrush doodle I recently did. It took me about 10 hours and was made entirely from scratch in Zbrush. The silly story evolved along with the sculpt which makes it extra fun but also more engaging.

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