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Some older work, I made these about a year ago as a testcase assignment to apply for a job. I hadn’t posted these earlier because they were somewhat of a frustrating memory for me. The company requested me to do a testcase scenario, these renders are the result of that. They asked me to model and render the interior of a modern shop. They provided an empty room model for me to go crazy with.

The frustrating part is that they were very happy with the results and offered me a job, except that they couldn’t pay me a salary for quite some months because they were a starting company and instead offered me share-options or some such. I felt rather cheated and thought I had wasted two weeks working on this testcase. I declined and and banned all of it from memory and didn’t even consider these renders for my portfolio. That is, until I was cleaning up some stuff a few days ago and ran into them again. I felt they still held up pretty well so I decided to post them after all.

It’s the first time I ever made something resembling architectural modeling. Aside from it looking maybe a little too much like a space age hypershop, I like the result.¬†All of it was made in 3dsMax by my own design, and like I mentioned before, it took me about 2 weeks.

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