Cute little bird Promo

Time for something different! A cute little birdie :-) If you want to have a better look at the model, click the “HD” button in the player, follow the link to and play it in full-screen over there.

This is a small promotional video (no sound) I made for a project i’m working on along with some other folks. The bird character was designed and modelled by me. The animations are as well but don’t pay too much attention to those. Like I mentioned many times before, animating isn’t as much a passion of me as modelling is. I don’t even really enjoy doing it, I just hope that doesn’t show too well in the animations.

Anyhow, this is intended to give an impression of the mechanics of a simple game we’re making. Basically you’re supposed to throw a breadcrumb and the bird follows it and eats it. Thats it :-) So yeah, it’s not really a game, more of a simple interaction.

The exiting part however, is that this is being created in Alternativa 3d, a 3d engine for flash with support for hardware rendering. It’s just going to be a simple interactive demonstration but in real-time 3d in your browser. With it, we will hopefully be able to convince potential customers to let us create cool real-time 3d interactive features for them.

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