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Turtle Tank

The image above is my second attempt at putting my TurtleTank character in an interesting environment. I posted my original render on, a digital art community forum, and got a lot of great feedback from the very helpful people over there. If this new version is any better, then I have those people to thank for it.

Now, to finally be done with this character and be able to move on to new grounds, I got the Turtle into the Unreal 3 engine. Specifically, the awesome (and freely available) Unreal Development Kit. Check it out below!

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3 Comments to More TurtleTank stuff

  • Mark Verkerk says:

    Damn dude, that turtle looks amazing! You showed me some sketches while we were still working at playlogic and I really like how you changed it since then. And especially how you finished it!

  • Jeroen Backx says:

    Hey Mark, thanks man! Coming from a fellow 3d artist, it means alot!

  • Fulko Bogerd says:

    Hoi Jeroen. Ik kwam de turtle tank tegen op google. Ineens dacht ik aan mijn “stage-begeleider” bij Playlogic. (Ik was die docent van GLR.) En zie daar… je bent het. De turtle is echt super vet geworden!! Heb je alweer stabiele grond gevonden?

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