Fairytale Fights Prototype Map: Mineshaft

The video above shows “Mineshaft”, a map for Fairytale Fights for which I made most of the 3d models. The map wasn’t in the game however and never will be, it was made as a test. It was made by just me, two colleagues and an intern within a single month. The movie is 720p HD, so please watch it in full screen.

Puzzlemachine We were assigned to create a small map to try and improve workflow and dependencies. It was made by Marco Fritsche (Level decoration), Rob van der Sloot (level design) and an intern: Freek Hoekstra (level design, modeling) with some additional modeling help from Chris McEntee. It was all done within a single month so the map obviously has some rough edges as we didn’t have any time to polish anything. We didn’t get to put much time into the level design either as we had to start creating the thing pretty much right away. Other things such as animation, special FX, sound effects, music or anything else really, weren’t really flushed out. However! Despite the very limited time frame and manpower, I still feel we created something pretty impressive. If you’re familiar with Fairytale Fights, you might notice that it looks quite different from the original game. The reason for this is because we didn’t get any art direction so I guess this is what the game would’ve looked like if it we’re up to just the modelers and level decorators. Personally I really like this look as it seems a bit more atmospheric and less over-saturated.
For this map, I made most of the visible assets, level geometry, textures and shaders. I also argued a lot with Marco about the lighting, all in good fun though.

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